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Date(s) - Thursday, Aug 20
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Mueller Park


A city’s charter illustrates the organization, powers, functions, and essential procedures of its government. For this reason, a city’s charter is the most important legal document of any city.

Instead of bringing forward a thoughtful and technically correct amendment that would address our city’s policing issues, the city council proposed a vague and seriously flawed amendment that could not be placed on the ballot without major changes to the wording.

Now that we know that the amendment will not be on the ballot until November 2021, if ever, what can be done now to rein in our out-of-control cops?

The MPD culture that led to the murder of George Floyd is the direct result of the failure of city leadership. There are many things city leadership could have done and now must be done to address that culture. If we want to prevent further harm to our community, we must demand city leaders take action NOW!

Our city’s police culture is inextricably linked to attacks on homeless people and a lack of affordable housing. The MPD takes up 40% of our city’s budget as it applies a law enforcement lens to social problems. Downsizing the MPD and redirecting funds to more appropriate responders would save money and go a long way toward truly addressing homelessness and other societal issues.

Minimum funding for the MPD is hard-wired in the city charter. The city council could, on its own, vote to remove this funding requirement, creating flexibility around the resources expended on public safety and enabling the city to direct funds to other solutions. This is a recourse we have now.

Join us as we and explore what the work will be going forward to bring about social justice to a city with nation-leading racial disparities in law enforcement, home ownership, education, and employment. We will also hold an informational forum in the middle of the march for the public to participate and speak.

We will be prioritizing BIPOC voices and families affected by police brutality, with the exception of a few scheduled speakers on Minneapolis’ history of police brutality and affordable housing crisis. The forum is open to all.

We ask that you please bring a mask, and social distance while attending.

-That the City Council use their power to vote to remove the minimum funding mandate of the Minneapolis Police Department from the city charter.
-That the city prioritize funding for social needs, including housing, by downsizing the MPD and redirecting funds to better solutions.


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