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Date(s) - Sunday, Sep 06
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Malcolm X Park


Abolish the police means…
Abolish the state
Abolish the Pentagon
Abolish capitalism!

The Philadelphia branch of Workers World Party invites you to join us in a series of three educational discussions titled “Abolish the police means…” In these public classes, we will discuss how the struggle to abolish the police connects with other struggles. Understanding the role of the police and the military within the capitalist and imperialist system as a whole allows us to identify these connections. Solidarity is not just a principle, but a reflection of real, material intersections of struggle.

The title of this series, “abolish the police means…” points to three connections that we will discuss: the police and the state, the police and US imperialism and the police and capitalism.

As many have pointed out, defunding and eventually abolishing the police does not in itself address the larger oppressive order that determines their role. Indeed, US policing is so intertwined with racism, capitalism and imperialism, so fundamental to their functioning, that abolishing the police necessarily involves a struggle to abolish this entire system.

Join us Sunday, August 23 at Malcolm X Park at 6:30 in West Philadelphia for this three-part discussion. Masks are required and will be provided along with hand sanitizer and water. Social distancing is required at all meetings! We will provided reading and discussion material!

Workers World Party and Workers World Party – Philadelphia
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