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Date(s) - Thursday, Mar 03
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Bail Bonding Now


Throughout American history, bail reform has undergone a very slow progression but still has a lot of room to go before we can consider it a just process. In the current state of our criminal justice system, many defendants are being treated as if they have already been found guilty of a crime before their court date. While most of us do agree with a majority of the bail amounts that are given to defendants by judges, there are definite examples of worst-case scenarios in which a person is all but incarcerated before their official court date.

In some situations, the standard bail schedule that most jails adhere to is sufficient while others need a higher level of scrutiny. There are numerous cases in which criminals walk free to early and many more cases in which a defendant or inmate remains in custody longer than what is required for community safety. We have to look at the individual’s right to a speedy trial and exessive bail amounts in these circumstances. But, what is the best system to have in place here in Atlanta, Georgia? We sure don’t have the answer, but we’re going to have a discussion about it!

Atlanta Bail Bonds Companies

In recent news, bail bond companies have been found guilty of collaborating with criminal defense lawyers and police departments in order to earn extra money in ‘referral fees.’ A recent article came out about a bail bonds agency who had close ties with a certain officer of the law. This officer would tell a recently arrested individual which bondsman to use so that they could “get out of jail quickly.” In return for the officer giving this recommendation, they got a kickback from the bonding company. While this may seem like a great idea, as many people do this during networking events in the private sector, it is actually illegal. Furthermore, advertising for lawyers within a bail bonds agency is illegal as well, yet some companies do it.

Our Upcoming Discussion on Bail Reform and Bonding Companies in Atlanta, GA

You are cordially invited to attend our workshop/panel discussion on bail bonds and bail reform in the Atlanta metro area. We are planning this event a couple of years in advance to get our panel speakers in line and we hope to have some really big names and authorities in the industry present to field questions and offer their point-of-view on these issues. These tickets are free, but there are limited supplies. See you there!


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