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Date(s) - Sunday, Aug 23
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Beckenham High Street by St. George's Church


We ask anyone who lives in Beckenham or the surrounding area to come and join the BECKENHAM STANDS AGAINST RACISM protest organised by Facebook group Beckenham Against Racism.

We have chosen the 23rd of August as it is a date surrounded by many critical events in the history of racial justice. First of all the 23rd August is the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition so we felt it was a fitting day to stand up against the racism that still exists in our communities, despite slavery having been abolished so long ago. It is also close to the anniversary of the Notting Hill Race Riots which started on the 29th August (racial unrest already started on the 23rd), it will mark a year since the death of Elijah McClain on the 24th August and it will be almost three months since George Floyd’s death on the 25th May which has led to worldwide protests against racism and for racial justice.

The protest will take place on the High Street in Beckenham outside St. George’s church. Please bring your signs to show your support to the Black Lives Matter movement and line up along the pavement. This is a standing protest not a march. Covid 19 is still around so we kindly ask everyone to wear a mask and distance from other protesters as much as they can.

The protest will start at 10am and run until about 3pm but people are obviously free to join and leave as is convenient for them.

A long standing black resident of Beckenham will speak about the racism she and her family have had to endure in our community. We will also play a recorded speech by a Birmingham based black activist who recently led a petition against the BBC over their use of the n-word. Several Bromley Labour councillors have confirmed they are planning to attend.

Please buy a ticket (they are free!) to indicate you are planning on attending so we know an approximate number of people who will be there on the day and can inform the authorities. Do share this event widely with your local networks. If you are the owner of a business then please do consider attending if possible and showing your support by posting a “Beckenham Stands Against Racism” sign into your shop window on the day (and after if you like).

Lastly please do consider joining our Facebook group Beckenham Against Racism to keep up to date with the protest and to learn more about racism and racial justice.


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