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Date(s) - Saturday, Aug 22
9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Suburbia Shopping Center


This protest is meant to be productively PEACEFUL, meaning anyone that attempts to cause violence or harassment will be removed from the premises.

A BLM protest organized across the street from a Trump 2020 pop-up store in Pottstown, PA. Cold drinks, snacks, signs, and COVID PPE will be available for FREE. An area for protestors to create their own signs will be provided and music will be blasted that supports the BLM movement.

A donation area for cash/check donations will be available. ALL raised funds will go to organizations (NAACP, BLM, LDF, etc.) that support PoC, regardless of how successful the protest is. If there are other organizations that you believe are in need of donations, let me know, as we have not entirely determined how to split the proceeds among each organization. And of course, it is just as beneficial to donate directly to organizations that support PoC.

If there are any suggestions regarding how to properly organize this and make this protest as successful as possible, please feel free to share this information with me at any time! (My contact information is at the very bottom!)

Registration Info:

There are multiple different categories you can register under and there are four different shifts (9AM-12PM, 12PM-3PM, 3PM-6PM, 6PM-9PM). You may register for as many shifts as you may like, but you may only have one role for each shift. More detail about each registration category is listed when you go to register. Here are the different categories that you may register under:

  1. General Protestor – You plan on simply being an active member at the event who will be protesting and holding signs and wearing shirts that support the movement.
  2. Setup Crew Volunteer (7AM to 9AM) – As a Setup Crew Volunteer, you will be tasked with helping to organize the initial setup of the protest. This means moving items from out of people’s cars and setting up different stations throughout the protest.
  3. Peacekeeper – As a peacekeeper, it is your duty to ensure that the protest remains peaceful and that any violence and/or harassment are dealt with in a swift and appropriate manner. Virtual training prior to the protest and in-person training will likely be available. This role has a great amount of responsibility attached to it so ensure you are capable of handling it.
  4. COVID PPE Station Volunteer – There will be a station that contains COVID PPE products (hand sanitizer, masks, & gloves). As a volunteer at this station, it is your duty to ensure the area is stocked and organized and to ensure that all protestors are properly wearing their PPE.
  5. Sign Design Station Volunteer – As a volunteer at this station, you must ensure that all design supplies are being used properly and are stocked. Being able to give basic help to people designing signs would also be a big help.
  6. Drink/Snack Station Volunteer – As a volunteer here, you will be tasked with ensuring the drink coolers and snack tables are organized and stocked. Going around to protestors and handing out snacks and drinks is also a responsibility at this station.
  7. Donation Station Volunteer – As a volunteer at this station, you are tasked with ensuring the donation table is not tampered with. It would also be good to have an understanding of the organizations that the donations are going towards (orgs that support PoC, like BLM, NAACP, LDF, etc.) so that you may explain why these donations are important to whoever wants to donate.
  8. Video/IG Live Volunteer – As this kind of volunteer, you are dedicated to video capturing your designated timetable of the protest. As of right now, I think capturing as much footage as possible and possibly streaming it to IG Live would be best, however, this role may change and is absolutely up to creative interpretation.
  9. Cleanup Crew Volunteer (9PM to 11PM) – As a Cleanup Crew Volunteer, you will help cleanup all of the protesting materials, help take down all chairs and tables, as well as help take down the tent. You will be tasked with picking up any remaining trash and moving anything that needs to be moved to people’s cars.

By signing up for this protest on Eventbrite, you will be added to an email list so you are kept up to date regarding information about the protest.

Contact Information:


IG: shane_staret_

Snapchat: sstaret99


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