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Date(s) - Thursday, Sep 03 - Friday, Sep 04
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Instructor: Michele Cooper

Injustice is a reality in America and each of us has our own experience to bring to the fight. I will share my journey with attendees and provide prompts to help guide you into a space where you can find your perspective. Where have you encountered injustices in your life? Did those injustices impact you directly? Once your perspective is established, you will more easily align with a specific issue or a category of activism. One that will remain important and genuine to you for the long road typically traveled in the fight for justice. We will discuss ways to navigate through your perspective and how that leads to your passion around an issue. Don’t be surprised if it’s not perfectly aligned. Once you find an alignment, we will discuss how you can use creative problem-solving skills and research to build your voice visually or through an expressive format. Our objective is to help you find your perspective and make that distinctive, deep-rooted and meaningful. There is no need for artistic skills. Just an interest in the process and finding your voice to fight injustice.

Preparation: You should come to the workshop with an idea of personal experiences that might feed your activist work. Think about what and who facilitated those experiences along with how you might contribute to the cause.



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