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Date(s) - Tuesday, Aug 25
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

El Cerrito Plaza BART back lot.


Be ready to make a lot of noise! The caravan to support Black Lives Matter is now a weekly action due to so many people who stand up for racial justice in our community. We meet by 6:00 pm on Tuesday (no longer Thursday) where we will line up in the lot, get route directions and learn about what we can do to take action. Each week we will have a specific call to action that you can do from your car.

We must continue to demonstrate that without justice there is no peace. Please help us make changes in the policing and systemic racism in our community.

1. Join the Caravan and bring along other cars or bicyclists. Make noise. Bring pots and pans, megaphones, etc. This is a family friendly event. No need to leave your car. Please bring signs so you will be visual and send a message.

2. Keep writing the City Council, Mayor and the Police Chief. Cuts Not Cops! Care Not Cops. Public Safety Over Private Property.

We want them to meet the demands of the petition.Link to the Petition

3. We are asking for the police budget to be cut and we want to see more services for homeless and mental health. If the city doesn’t want to pay for service then they need to tell the County to cut the Sheriff’s budget.

Nothing will change if we don’t push, and push now.

(If it’s a spare the air day we will cancel)

Please join us.


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