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Date(s) - Wednesday, Aug 19
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Health Department


Forced to become a resident of Muskingum County Ohio after my only child was abducted I’ve expierenced deliberate indifference, discrimination, trauma, and more heart ache than any family should endure. After some time spent here, getting to know people, I have found that my family isn’t the only family that has endured this. Displacing children for financial gain is sickening while discriminating upon anybody for having learning disabilities, or Mental health diagnoses is never acceptable, however, there is public service workers (& people in positions of power) that display these same behaviors. If my child has been alienated from her entire biological family and only allowed to spend 3 hours a month with her family. Forced to sit in a room with no windows or normal interaction with her father & the reason for this is still unanswered. The agency has at least 6 visitation rooms, if every family is only permitted 90 minutes every two weeks how many children /families have been tormented by these people? Reunification is allegedly the goal but they actions of the powers that be contradict there mission statement. If you’re not affected by these actions personally I encourage you to attend in support of the next: Father or Mother or Grandmother or Aunt or Child who just wants to have a relationship with their biological family.


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