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Date(s) - Sunday, Aug 16
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Ocean Beach San Francisco


Learn more about the organizer of this event at @freeheelfreespirit and

This memorial, the George Floyd Ocean Beach Memorial, is intended to occur every Sunday at 7pm.

While there are yet many among us unable or unwilling to face the ongoing dehumanization of people of color, we gather at the George Floyd Ocean Beach Memorial and confront racism whenever and wherever we encounter it; whether in the open streets in broad daylight, or in the unlit corners of society: the backrooms, the boardrooms and the courtrooms.

This patch of wall, sand and water looking out to the western sky is now sacred ground in the vital resistance against the systemic and structural racism that plagues our nation and undermines our national security.

We will not just mourn. We will also dance and sing and spread the love that is in our hearts for our collective humanity.

At dusk, hundreds of California Brown Pelicans journey past the George Floyd Ocean Beach Memorial. In addition to resourcefulness, the pelican totem symbolizes social responsibility and the attributes of teamwork, generosity and friendship.

We know that there are many other names that could be added to the George Floyd Ocean Beach Memorial, perhaps as many names as there are pelicans in the sky.

Nothing prevents us from adding these names.

See you at the beach.


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