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Date(s) - Wednesday, Aug 19
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

pin Meijer (Belleville North, MI)


Egypt Covington was murdered 3 years ago and still, to this day, there’s been no justice!! VBT officials have avoided the family, only choosing to speak to Egypt’s father. And to add insult to injury, Clerk Leon Wright was emailed by the family and others. And to that email he responds, “Is there anyway these emails to everyone can be blocked. I’m personally not interested in the stupidness.” He was speaking about the family, then lied about it!! We are calling for JUSTICE for Egypt!! Our demands are simple:

1) Clerk Leon Wright must resign or else we’ll begin a campaign to have him recalled.
2) VBT PD must hand this case over to the Attorney General’s office.
3) The Supervisor, Kevin McNamara, must do his job and meet with this family! Hod continued avoidance of constituents is despicable! We the People demand that McNamara denounce his white privilege and serve this family as he was elected to do!!
4) VBT must issue a letter of apology to this family for their lack of appropriate professionalism during this case.

We want JUSTICE for Egypt and won’t accept nothing less!!


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