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Date(s) - Tuesday, Sep 08
10:00 am - 11:00 am


The Civil Service LGBT+ Network welcomes our members and allies to join us in learning about our LGBT+ history, with a focus on how trans and queer POC have helped to build and fight for equal rights in our community, and the long lasting impact they have left on the next generation to continue raising awareness and bringing about change.

Originated by the Co-Chairs of the BEIS LGBT+ Network, Flora Strange and James Foster, and co-created by David Seivwright and our Civil Service LGBT+ Network Vice-Chair, Rikesh Nagamah, they will discuss how the Black Lives Matter Movement has highlighted the existing discrimination to BAME queer and trans individuals and how key figureheads at the Stonewall Riots caught the attention of the United States in demanding for equality in a time when we were denied all. Speakers will also be discussing Pride in London and the UK, the importance of UK Black Pride and the safe space it have provided POC, including activists who have protested for advocacy in our community. Speakers will also address the ongoing debate on the more widely recognised Pride flag versus’ the Progressive Pride flag and what it represents for our community, discussing the colours of progress and the designer behind the concept. We welcome all to join in on this conversation and hear your views.


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