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Date(s) - Tuesday, Aug 25
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Instagram/ Fb Headquarters


About this Event

The children are the future. We must protect the children in order to protect the future. There will be a day when the millions of children who are currently being abused will need to release their trauma. We must act Now so that we are able to create safe spaces in the world to facilitate healing. Instagram should be a safe space. Unfortunately, right now IT’S NOT! Thousands upon thousands of accounts soliciting children, trading child porn and promoting pedophilia exist. These accounts post provocative photos of children paired with suggestive bios and captions. They even use their own hashtags… They don’t have to hide. Why? Because not only does instagram turn a blind eye to the exploitation that’s happening, they actually PROTECT it. Those of us who have reported this content receive notifications from Instagram claiming these accounts “aren’t violating community guidelines”. How is it possible that child porn is it against the law, but not against community guidelines? In addition, many of us who have been reporting and exposing this issue have had OUR accounts flagged and posts taken down whilst the original photos on these accounts STAY POSTED! Not to mention the notorious algorithms that seem to be able to scan for any hint of a woman’s nipple and can fact check any content opposing the mainstream narrative but cannot pick up on hashtags pedophiles use?! IT’S TIME WE TAKE UNFORGETTABLE ACTION! Instagram MUST implement new algorithms that alert them about child exploitation. Hashtags regarding pedophilia, key words and phrases that are commonly linked to child abuse and trafficking MUST be tracked. Accounts who have made such offenses need to be IMMEDIATELY shut down. Additionally offenders should NOT be able to be able to create new accounts. Instagram should be aware of IP addresses and keep record of them to prevent offenders from creating new virtual identities. Instagram should also be required to report all accounts of child trafficking to law enforcement. These atrocities are not only evil, they are ILLEGAL and need to be held accountable as such! Thank you for joining me in this fight! TOGETHER we will bring justice for these babies, children and teens! See you on August 25th ✊🏽💜


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