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Date(s) - Friday, Sep 04
12:00 am

#Wolfen buttel Park


On the night of Tuesday August 25th Kyle Rittenhouse did what every American Patriot has thought about doing, going out and protecting his neighbors and their property but Kyle was brave enough to do it. As the videos show from that evening Kyle was chased through the streets by violent protesters and he did what every freedom loving patriot would’ve done and defended his right to live. Kyle feared for his life. We have seen videos from around the Nation where the mob illegally and violently attacks innocent civilians and in many cases people have died or been seriously injured. This is what was running through his mind and he thought he was going to die but it wouldn’t be that night and it wouldn’t be Kyle. This is every one of us. Now the MSM is attacking him because he posted about standing up for the police and calling out BLM for what they are, a violent group of “Marxist REVOLUTIONARIES” bent on the destruction of our Nation and our families. If we do not stand up for him and his #2a right no one will ever stand up for yours. Now is our moment where we show those in power, citizens across this nation, and the world we mean what we say and we will stand up for our right to defend ourselves. Every freedom loving Patriot across this nation should descend NONVIOLENTLY on Kenosha, WI on Friday September 4th at 12:00 pm and show Kyle Rittenhouse we are with him and we are fighting for his right to live and be free. The protest will be at the Wolfenbuttle Park at 5901 3rd Ave. Kenosha, WI . Now we stand up for America, our neighbors, loved ones, Kyle and the USA Constitution. God bless Patriots!

An American Citizen
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