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Date(s) - Saturday, Sep 26 - Sunday, Sep 27
9:00 am - 2:00 pm


We take this moment to acknowledge the central issue of Anti-Black racism in upholding white supremacy. Building on our June Sitting in the Fire online Race Retreat, the Racial Justice Collaborative invites you to join the first of our Restorative Circles as we seek to examine our internalized Anti-Blackness in white and all communities of color.

We often hear talk of the need for Truth and Reconciliation. Yet how can we reconcile that which has never first conciled? Before considering reconciliation, we believe it is important to identify and process our feelings, beliefs and histories rooted in generations steeped in the myth of white supremacy, stored and passed down generation after generation through hearts and minds. In this guided online program, we will work intentionally to reveal and analyze the Anti-black racism that exists within and around us so that we can move forward with new tools and renewed energy for antiracist work.

In this online retreat, our team – led by Diane Wong, Crystal Chandler and Pharaoh Saunders- will introduce a framework called Restorative Circles to help us process the racist feelings and beliefs that reside in our hearts and minds. We will engage in intentional circle process guided by trained RJ facilitators representing a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds who will support this profound inner work and allow us to renew our commitment to antiracist action in our lives and our communities.


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