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Date(s) - Saturday, Sep 05
7:00 am - 10:00 am

Parliament Square


Trans Rights Protest
London – Parliament Square
5th September – 1PM
Well over a thousand of us gathered in London to ask for equal rights. Protests all across the UK formed, online protests were arranged, we stood together across the entire nation.
What did the government do? They delayed their decision.
So it’s time for us to stand up again and make our demands.
We were promised a reform of the Gender Recognition Act that would make it easier and more accessible for trans people, but the Tory government has failed to deliver.
We have been stuck with an outdated, slow, expensive and inaccessible solution that fails to meet our needs. It completely denies the existence of non-binary people.
There are dangerous proposals that could remove our right to use gendered spaces safely, our right to access vital safeguarding and support services.
Trans youths are at risk of having crucial medical care removed due to misinformation and fearmongering.
The media hates us.
The NHS is changing its online guidance, not in our favour.
The BBC is removing trans charity links.
Transphobes are gathering in public places and accusing us of not understanding basic biology when they themselves are drastically misinformed and poorly educated on the subject.
The government is proving itself to be actively transphobic by not vocally supporting us and ensuring that our needs are met and our safety is ensured.
This could be our last chance to demand that the government does the right thing.
Stand with us.

Trans Rights Collective UK
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