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Date(s) - Saturday, Sep 05
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Union Square Park


Everyone, Everywhere:
Saturday SEPTEMBER 5
NYC 2pm Union Square @ 14th Street
For other cities:
Protest and Demand:
Launch 60 Days of Struggle
Mass Non-violent Protest Every Day
Tell the world: We are uniting, we are organizing, we are determined, we are preparing to struggle with all we’ve got, starting now and not stopping until the Trump/Pence Regime is driven from power and its fascist program brought to a halt.
The Trump/Pence regime is moving fast to consolidate fascist rule and hammer in a nightmare for humanity.
Police gun down Black and Brown people. The Trump/Pence regime backs the police; sends paramilitary forces against the people and calls for racist thugs to exact vengeance against the people. Peaceful protesters are run down and shot down.
We were millions demanding justice in June and July. We must rise again. The next 60 Days Must be Our Time – not Trump’s, Not his Fascist Goon’s.
If masses of people are in the streets every day by October, if every attempt by the regime to subvert the election, to repress protest, to implement new fascist measures are met with growing numbers demanding Trump/Pence OUT NOW! in non violent protest we could force a different political equation going into November, constraining Trump’s ability to easily postpone or subvert the election and we would already be mobilized and prepared if he did son an election day.
Every movement for justice must act on the understanding that we are at a “Both”/“And” Moment – for every struggle for justice AND for demanding Trump/Pence OUT NOW! This is not a time for “either/or,” my struggle not yours.
Humanity all over the world and the survival of the planet depends on what we do. Will it be said, when facing an American fascism in the most powerful country in history, that people here could not put aside their differences to stop a great horror? Or will history tell that people rose, as many acting together, and stopped a great horror?
Refuse Fascism New York
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In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America

Refuse Fascism
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