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Date(s) - Saturday, Aug 29
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Oklahoma State Capitol


WE MARCH and RALLY AT EVERY STATE CAPITOL and Rally at town Halls.

Today, there so many different forces trying to divide us as a people. The one thing that will unite us all is the love and concern for the wellness and futures of ALL children.

We must stand for the voices that can not speak for themselves, the children and victims of human trafficking. Even more specifically sex trafficking, pedophilia and the torture of children around the world.

From the small communities to the high society circles of the elite, children are being abused in ways that are unimaginable. Childrens innocence is being ripped from them and it is being minimized, discarded or covered up by every major institution.

There is an enormous amount of information out there exposing sick evil people. This is a problem that ranges from child molestation in our community to children being kidnapped, sold world wide for inconceivable acts on them.

We are marching for this issue to finally get exposed. We demand every person connected to any child being trafficked, molested, or tortured to be convicted and exiled/executed.

This should no longer be tolerated and we demand change!
– Prosecute every offender, no deals!
– No more light easy sentences
– No protected custody
– No protection in prisons for offenders
– Elimination of groups like NAMBLA
– No normalizing and acceptance of pedophilia
– No more sexual indoctrination of our children in schools and the reform of sex education for pubescent age kids only, not young children!

Laborday weekend everyone everywhere go to your downtown and make your voices heard, scream for the hundreds of thousands of children missing and for everyone that has ever been a victim of these heinous acts.

In the last decade, there is a huge push to normalize pedophilia and sexually charged exposure to our young children in hopes to persuade our youth they should accept this abuse. We have to push back harder!


share and hashtag away. get eyes to see and join

Update: your Town Hall can be a meeting spot also.
Capitol Cities and Town Hall’s


by entering your city after our hashtag. if there is not one. create your own city event page with your city and share your #WheresOurChildrenMarchCITY
and our original #WheresOurChildrenMarch so new members can find their city..


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