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Date(s) - Wednesday, Sep 23 - Thursday, Sep 24
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Reclaiming & Decolonising Our Women of Colour Activists

This is a workshop to inform, challenge, co-educate and gain inspiration from. Reclaiming our her-stories.

Come and hear a story of a 16th Century Indian Eco activist woman, Amrita Bai. What does she still teach us today, and can we add her to the canon of historical figures who have shaped environmental direct action movements globally?

Who inspired you as a woman of colour & heritage? [is this correct? Suggests workshop is only for women of colour]

Why have you not heard about her in mainstream cultural education?

Which stories do we all need to share about inspirational women of colour to reclaim and decolonise the movements that we navigate and work in?

Is your own mind colonised?

Let us protest about this and resist being fed a Eurocentric narrative of the world we live in. Let us reclaim our heritage wisdom and re-educate ourselves and others.

Take part. Bring and share your woman of inspiration story with us all.


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